Speaking Engagements

Tyra has shared her passion for God’s Word with thousands of women through both live and virtual conferences and speaking engagements. The conferences listed below are past and future events, which provide insight over the topics Proverbs3Three covers. If you are interested in Tyra speaking at your event, feel free to send a message via Facebook messenger to Proverbs3Three.

Bible Journaling Conference (October 2024)

Check back for updates to this and other speaking engagements…

Armor Of God Bible Journaling Conference

During this virtual conference over 4000 people connected virtually to learn about the Armor of God. My session was entitled “The Word will Stand Forever.”

The Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) stands forever; however, 53% of American Evangelicals believe this statement is true: “The Bible, like all sacred writings, contains helpful accounts of ancient myths but is not literally true” (from Ligonier Ministries and LifeWay The State of Theology 2022).

How can more than half of believers not know that God’s Word is TRUTH?! As a believer, we must know about God’s Word and know what it says. So many things in our world, our culture are temporary. Knowing Truth and knowing God’s Word empowers us to stand firm against the culture as we wield our Sword of the Spirit! Through journaling and spending time reading God’s Word, we strengthen our armor…we strengthen our Sword!

In this session, we equipped attendees to develop rhythms and habits to develop a biblical worldview through journaling and work in God’s Word.

Equipped: A One-Day Women’s Conference (March 2023)

During this in-person conference at Christian Fellowship Church, sessions were created to equip women to have the tools for their everyday life both spiritually and physically. The main sessions focused on what discipleship looks like in different stages in our lives! My session focused on various styles of Bible Journaling.

Fruit Of The Spirit Bible Journaling Conference

During this conference over 2000 people connected virtually to learn about the Fruit of the Spirit. My session was entitled “Fruit of the Heart.” Proverbs 3:3 says to never let love and faithfulness leave us. We are to write them on the tablets of our hearts. By developing our biblical thinking, love, faithfulness, and the totality of the fruit of the spirit will flood every corner of our hearts. Imagine how our lives might glorify God when our minds and hearts are pointing toward Him! Without right thinking, the tablets of our hearts remain tarnished with deceit (Jeremiah 17:9). We explored our biblical thinking, while learning strategies for reflecting and journaling. My prayer was that our time together created Ezekiel 36:26 changes to our hearts. My prayer was that the love and faithfulness in our hearts overflows into our lives for God’s glory!

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