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  • Cognitive Dissonance Meets Divine Truth: Finding Peace

    Cognitive Dissonance Meets Divine Truth: Finding Peace

    Some days are harder than others. Some days people assign motives to you that are untrue. Some days people judge your heart.  On these days, I experience some cognitive dissonance. I know my heart. I know my intent, and yet, the story others paint becomes reality in their minds. That dissonance happens because what I…

  • Wrestling in My Heart

    Wrestling in My Heart

    “I see the heart that God has given you.” I had someone say these words to me this week. Can I tell you how powerful these words were? At the same time, they were a bit scary. Such a simple statement, yet it carried a weight that both inspired and unsettled me. These words were…

  • Beeee yourself…or maybe not

    Beeee yourself…or maybe not

    Growing up, one of my favorite movies was the animated version of Aladdin. I remember reciting the entire movie, including singing every song, with my best friend as we would run during PE class. Literally, the two of us knew the entire movie by heart! However, one particular line from the film struck a chord…