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  • Trust God’s Presence: Overcome Helplessness

    Trust God’s Presence: Overcome Helplessness

    Have you ever run into a problem and could not fix it? How do you overcome helplessness? Parents run into this issue all of the time. Our kids struggle at school, and we have to sit back and let them experience the struggle. We can’t take the struggle away. We can’t make it easier. Teachers…

  • The Power of Obedience: Choosing Your 2024 One Word

    The Power of Obedience: Choosing Your 2024 One Word

    Join me as I reflect on how “obedience” unexpectedly defined my 2023, despite initially desiring the word “dwell.” Join me as I share insights on the significance of choosing a guiding word for the year, emphasizing the role of obedience in shaping my personal and spiritual growth. I encourage you to embrace a “one-word” journey…

  • How do I choose the best Bible?

    How do I choose the best Bible?

    Do you ever get overwhelmed by all of the Bible translations and types of Bibles? Check out today’s blog, as I talk about my favorites and why.

  • Beeee yourself…or maybe not

    Beeee yourself…or maybe not

    Growing up, one of my favorite movies was the animated version of Aladdin. I remember reciting the entire movie, including singing every song, with my best friend as we would run during PE class. Literally, the two of us knew the entire movie by heart! However, one particular line from the film struck a chord…

  • Work, Identity, and Joy

    Work, Identity, and Joy

    Welcome to this cozy corner of the interwebs. This space allows me to share what I am learning, practice a bit of vulnerability, and hopefully inspire you along the way. Brace yourself today…I might be a little more vulnerable than typical, but shew, the Holy Spirit is working on me. So, let’s dive in, shall…

  • Inspiration


    Have you ever encountered someone whose presence was so inspiring, impactful, and influential that you were simply captivated? You know the person with that extraordinary spirit. The one who leaves an indelible mark on our hearts. In the book of Luke, five short verses depict such a person — Jesus. These verses involve two sisters…

  • Welcome


    I’ve had this idea to start a blog forever…well, it seems like a long time anyway. I find myself lacking courage to move forward. Today, I am feeling brave. Today, I know that even if my words are only read by a few, they matter. So, what is the purpose of this? Why even spend…