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  • Praying the Words of God

    Praying the Words of God

    Prayer can be challenging. Many struggle with finding the right words or staying focused. It’s not uncommon to feel discouraged or unsure. May the words of this blog encourage you, as you grow in your prayer time.

  • My Biggest Fear

    My Biggest Fear

    As I come up on the 2-month anniversary of this little blog, I thought I should make a confession. I am terrified every time I click publish. There are many reasons to be afraid. People are unkind, and the internet can be a cruel place. Vulnerability is hard, but important for good writing. Imposter syndrome…

  • Developing a Rhythm of Continuous Prayer

    Developing a Rhythm of Continuous Prayer

    “Pray continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17, NIV). “Pray without ceasing” (ESV). “Never stop praying” (NLT). “Pray constantly” (CSB). “Pray all the time” (MSG). In case you still need one more, here it is in the greek (screen shot from the Blue Letter Bible app): Wow, these translations really drive the point home, don’t they? The command is…

  • Beeee yourself…or maybe not

    Beeee yourself…or maybe not

    Growing up, one of my favorite movies was the animated version of Aladdin. I remember reciting the entire movie, including singing every song, with my best friend as we would run during PE class. Literally, the two of us knew the entire movie by heart! However, one particular line from the film struck a chord…

  • Work, Identity, and Joy

    Work, Identity, and Joy

    Welcome to this cozy corner of the interwebs. This space allows me to share what I am learning, practice a bit of vulnerability, and hopefully inspire you along the way. Brace yourself today…I might be a little more vulnerable than typical, but shew, the Holy Spirit is working on me. So, let’s dive in, shall…