Beyond Candy and Dresses: Rediscovering who Jesus is at Easter

Tomorrow, the Christian community celebrates Easter. Growing up, Easter had a different meaning than it does for me today. I wonder if the meaning has changed for you too. I have found that the better I understand who God is and the better I understand who I am, the better I understand Easter.

As I did some research preparing to write about Easter for this weekend, I did a quick search for current blog posts. Here’s what I found:



What Easter Means to Me.

Not one blog post had the J name in the title. (I bet you just double checked the title of my post.)

This may sound harsh, but it doesn’t matter “what Easter means to you.”

Easter is about Jesus and his work on the cross.

In a world where clothes, food, and self are the priorities, I bet we can easily miss the point. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a fresh, fluffy Peep (or a stale one is even better). I enjoy being able to pull out a spring dress at Easter, but Peeps and pastel florals have nothing to do with Jesus.

Growing up, Easter was about baskets full of candy and toys, laying around in my PJs all morning, and wearing a new dress to grandma’s house.

What was your Easter like?

I’m not sure I valued Easter until I read the Bible for myself. 

(Quick side note: Did you know the word Easter is not in most English Bibles? It can be found in the book of Acts in a KJV Bible, but it’s only in one verse. The origin of the word Easter isn’t super clear, but the word may have come from the name of a goddess of spring or fertility. But I digress…)

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me, even if he dies, will live.”

John 11:25, CSB

I love studying Martha in the Bible. This verse comes from the account of Martha’s brother, Lazarus. Jesus is talking to Martha, whose brother has just died. I am sure Martha was looking to Jesus for answers. I wonder if she realized Jesus wasn’t there to give her an answer; he was there to be the answer. 

Think about it. If you are drowning, do you want someone to tell you how to swim or to throw you the life preserver? 

Jesus came to be our life preserver.

Even though Jesus’ death and resurrection had not occurred yet, Jesus knew what was to come. He clearly told others who he was.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life.

We must know who Jesus is to know who we are. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. If we are to have life, we must believe in him.

Easter is all about knowing who Jesus is.

I will eat my fluffy Peep tomorrow. I hope the weather cooperates, so I can enjoy a spring dress. However, I will also spend time tomorrow celebrating the resurrection of my Savior. 

Because Jesus lives, I know I will have life with him in Heaven. 

Because Jesus lives, I know I am forgiven. 

Because Jesus lives, I know that I can experience his goodness even now…even today…even as I eat my stale Peep in the days to come.

Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection are the framework for knowing who I am. His life reminds me that apart from him, I fall short. I mess up. My sin separates me from my Creator. Because of his death, my sin is forgiven, and I can come to the Father. By grace, I am saved. His resurrection validates that it is all true. I am restored, redeemed, and loved by the Father. I live because he lives. 

Do you know who Jesus is?

Do you know who you are?

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