Bible Journaling Styles

True confession! I get bored easily. I think that is why I love Bible journaling so much! If you are new to Bible journaling, I want to encourage you with this…you do NOT have to do it they way others do!

Some days I just want to write. I just want to reflect on the goodness in God’s Word. I want to go deeper, as I reflect on God’s Word. Some days, I’m a Traditional Journaler.

Other days, I’m reading my Bible, and making connections. I just want to put notes and highlight text IN MY BIBLE. I want to make sure I’m remembering what I’m reading and the gentle whispers from the Holy Spirit. On those days, I’m a Bible Journaler.

Other times, I’m feeling more creative, while wanting to remember events. What better way to remember God’s goodness and faithfulness than taking on a Scrappy Journaler approach?!

Finally, one of my favorite ways to journal is while worshipping. On those days, I love pulling out the art supplies and pens. Those are the days that my reading God’s word turns me into an Art Journaler.

Regardless the style of journaling you prefer, here are 10 tips to consider:

  1. Choose a journaling Bible: Look for a Bible specifically designed for journaling with wide margins or blank pages. I have multiple Bibles. I use one for notes on Sunday morning. I have a few for art. I have another one for inductive study.
  2. Gather your supplies: Get a variety of pens, colored pencils, markers, watercolors, washi tape, stickers, and any other art supplies you enjoy using. (Even if the only thing you have is a No. 2 pencil, you can still be a Bible Journaler! Don’t let the lack of supplies limit your time, worship, and study in God’s Word!)
  3. Start with prayer: Begin your journaling with prayer, asking for guidance and inspiration from the Holy Spirit.
  4. Highlight key words: Use a highlighter or colored pencil to mark important words or phrases. Important words include repeated words/themes, people, and places.
  5. Write your thoughts: Journal your personal thoughts, prayers, and reflections related to the verse or passage.
  6. Use hand lettering: Experiment with different hand lettering techniques to write out the verse. Hand lettering helps me to remember key themes and even memorize scripture!
  7. Use washi tape: Use colorful and patterned washi tape to create borders, tabs, or to highlight important sections. I also use washi to add bits of paper when I need more space to journal!
  8. Incorporate lyrics: Write or illustrate lyrics from your favorite hymn or worship song that complements the theme of the the text you are studying.
  9. Include sermon notes: Use your journal and/or Bible to take notes during sermons or Bible studies.
  10. Join a Bible journaling group: Find or create a local or online community of Bible journaling enthusiasts. As Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Remember, Bible journaling is a personal journey, so feel free to adapt these tips to suit your own style and preferences.

What other tips do you have for journalers?



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