Interruption Report: Let’s Talk About Teachers

Let’s interrupt our regular Proverbs3Three content to talk about teachers.

Last summer, I posted on my personal Facebook page about supporting teachers through their Amazon wish lists. As we are about to start a new school year, I thought I’d re-share some of those ideas.

I am sure you have seen teacher wish lists pop up on your social media. Some of you may have even clicked on them to see what teachers “wish” for. Well, these lists include things teachers are passionate about. These lists often include materials that help students learn so much more than the required state standards. They help teachers to build robust classroom libraries, offer cutting-edge art supplies, and create inspiring learning environments. Here’s what happens when you purchase an item from a teacher’s wish list:

1 – You remind teachers that they are not in this work alone. Teaching is a hard profession. Educating children well takes a trifecta of school, home, and church, and the pressure and responsibility teachers feel is big. While they know they are not doing this work alone, sending a teacher an item off their wish list often creates a tangible reminder that regardless of what the media says, they have the support of their community in this work!

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.

Hebrews 10:24

2 – You contribute to the passion, excitement, and joy of learning! Often the items on a teacher’s wish list relate to content where teachers are most passionate, and let me tell you: PASSIONATE TEACHERS CREATE PASSIONATE LEARNERS. Think about when you were in school. Were there projects or units that you still remember? Those units were probably the ones your teacher was most excited about teaching. Those are the moments when students discover a passion or calling that goes beyond getting an A on a test. Those are the moments when artists, writers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and scientists are born! You can be a part of that!

3 – You encourage a teacher. Teachers will have the basic supplies they need to do their job, but when you support a teacher’s wish list, you give that little extra dose of encouragement. As an educator, I cannot tell you how encouraging a new flair pen, fun journal, or $5 gift card is! (Seriously, just today a friend brought in some new flair pens. It’s amazing how that little pen helped me and my educator friends feel seen for a minute.) What a simple way to encourage a teacher!

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

As you are scrolling social media in the coming weeks, let me ask: will you click on a wish list? Will you encourage a teacher? Will you be part of the community of educators? Education takes all of us. Not everyone will be called to be teachers (see James 3:1), but everyone can be part of community, stir the passions of others, and provide encouragement. Let’s do that for our teachers this year. Let’s love on them well, as they make a difference for our kids, for our communities.

(If you are a teacher who read this post, feel free to add your wish list to the comments. Praying for you this year. Thank you for the work you do! Thank you for loving your students!)




2 responses to “Interruption Report: Let’s Talk About Teachers”

  1. Former public ed teacher Avatar
    Former public ed teacher

    I guess this would fall under encouraging teachers, but let’s also support them by combating the negativity that teachers (especially public education teachers) face. I’ve personally encountered people who have no problem calling the good teachers in public ed Godless, woke, SJW, accused of aiding woke ideology, etc. It hurts because I taught in public ed. That’s partly why I decided to move on from teaching.

    1. Tyra Harnishfeger Avatar

      I am so sorry this was your experience! I am thankful to work in a community with amazing educators in so many settings…public schools, non-public schools, Christian schools, homeschools…Yes! Let’s keep celebrating them all and their hard work! 💕

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