How to Personalize Your Bible Study: Unlocking Unique Insights and Connection with God

As I engage in some Bible study and Bible journaling groups on Facebook, I often see questions starting with “How do I…” The question I would like to tackle today is “How do I study the Bible?”

Here is the thing I have learned over many years of studying God’s word: There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Think about it in terms of relationships. Does your relationship with your best friend look the same as your relationship with your mom? Does your relationship with your husband look like my relationship with my husband?

Of course, the answer to these questions is no. So, if our earthly relationships are all unique, we can count on each of us having unique relationships with our Creator. And, if our relationships with our Lord are each unique, I think it sounds logical that our study time (our time spent with the Lord) will also be unique.

As you scour the internet, you can find articles, blog posts, social media posts, and infographics telling you about the “best” study methods. While there are some great tips of wisdom, I would encourage you to pull out the methods that best align with your learning style, time constraints, season of life, interests, passions, and abilities. Create a study system that works for you!

Now, saying these words, I realize that it is often helpful to see an example of someone else’s study methods. Examples can help us to tweak and edit systems that allow us to find what works best for us. With that, let me walk you through my morning study routine.

My Morning Bible Study Routine

Step 1 – Make coffee. Before I jump into my study time, I like to have coffee in hand. I want to be alert, ready to focus, and able to engage in my study. Having my mind ready is essential to my study time.

Coffee is also just a great way to connect with others! My favorite social outing is grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, so why wouldn’t I want to do that with the Lord?

Step 2 – Read about what I’m going to read about. (Yep, I said what I said.) This year (2023) I have been doing a chronological study called Eden to Eternity. It is from The Daily Grace Co. I have loved doing this study with over 300 friends in this Facebook group! Before I get into my Bible, I like to read the 1-page summary from my Eden to Eternity workbook. It helps my mind be ready by giving me context for what I am going to read in God’s Word.

Step 3 – Read in my Bible. As I read the scripture of the day, I like to highlight it as well. In this study, I am highlighting scripture that goes along with the key words of each book.

(Quick Side Note: Daily Grace Co. publishes a book called The Bible Handbook. This book is amazing! There is an overview for every book of the Bible. This quick resource is where I establish my “key words” for each book of the Bible.)

People often ask what Bible I use and what translation is the best. While I have talked about this topic in other blog posts such as this one, the best Bible is the one you are reading!

Step 4 – Journal. Of course, you knew I would have a journaling step! With this study, I have been using the Eden to Eternity journals. They make me identify an attribute of God in my reading each day. These journals also offer plenty of space for my own reflection, plus a key takeaway. Of course, there is also space in my journal for step 5…

Step 5 – Pray. Even though I often pray as I read, I also pray intentionally after I journal. Sometimes I can “get in my own head” when I journal. I rely on prayer, so the Holy Spirit can help me to take my thoughts captive and make sure I am processing my study time in Truth.

Step 6 – Answer some reflection questions. As I am working through the Eden to Eternity study, my workbooks offer reflection questions, which really help me to make sure I am thinking deeply about what I read. Some mornings, I can find myself just going through the motions without really connecting with that alive and active scripture sitting on my lap. These questions help me to actively think, process, reflect, pray, and engage with what I am learning in God’s Word.

For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12, ESV

While these 6 steps have been my routine for 2023, I am here to tell you my routine in 2022 looked completely different, and I am positive my routine for 2024 will look different as well. You see, I get bored easily. I love variety. I love creativity, and I love starting new things! I am eager to see what the study will look like in 2024, and while I have not settled on it yet, I am considering adding some additional Bible art, verse mapping, and journaling supplies to the routine!

(Feel free to join our study group here to hear more about my 2024 study…and join me in doing it!!)

Create Your Own Unique Study Rhythms

While creativity and a unique process are almost always a part of my study, a few things never change:

1 – Scripture
2 – Prayer
3 – Consistency

Go ahead and explore. Find your own rhythm of study (or tweak mine).

I pray that as you dive in you will fall more deeply in love with your Creator. Pursue Him fervently, and share all of the amazing nuggets of truth that He reveals to you in the process!


Eden to Eternity

The Bible Handbook

NLT Thinline Reference Holy Bible

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