My Biggest Fear

As I come up on the 2-month anniversary of this little blog, I thought I should make a confession.

I am terrified every time I click publish.

There are many reasons to be afraid. People are unkind, and the internet can be a cruel place. Vulnerability is hard, but important for good writing. Imposter syndrome is real (what if I’m not really good enough to do this). Those things may cause a twinge of pause in me, but they aren’t what frightens me the most. So what really terrifies me?

I am terrified that I will share content contrary to scripture.

Of course, I wouldn’t create this type of content intentionally. However, as I am still in the sanctification process (just like everyone else on this Earth who knows Jesus), I realize I am still a sinner. I will still mess up.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23, ESV)

In a world where blogging and online content creation are everywhere, it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeking validation and approval from the masses. Writers want their words to resonate with others, to inspire and connect, but in doing so, writers risk compromising what’s true for what’s popular.

As a Christian blogger, fear may be amplified. The weight of responsibility lies heavy on my heart. I strive to align my words with Truth, to share messages of encouragement and faith. Yet, I am human, susceptible to flaws and mistakes. 

So, dear friend, I have an ask. Just a warning, this ask isn’t popular in our culture.

I need you to call me out. If you read my words and they are contrary to God’s Word, send me a message. I ask that you call me out in truth and love. I need you!

We will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of his body, the church. Ephesians 4:15, NLT

These words are a reminder of the importance of accountability within the Christian community. 

So how do I navigate the fine line between fear and faith when sharing thoughts with the world?

(Though this list includes reminders for me as a blogger/writer, I’d encourage you to consider how this list helps you to overcome your own fears and insecurities. Maybe you experience fear in leading at work, maybe your fear is sharing your faith, or maybe your fear is in setting healthy boundaries in relationships. In each case, I pray this list is an encouragement for you too.)

  1. Ground Myself in the Word: Before embarking on any writing journey, immerse myself in the Scriptures. Study and meditate on God’s Word, allow it to shape my perspective and guide my thoughts. We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5, NLT)
  2. Seek Supportive Community: Surround myself with fellow believers who share my passion and commitment to honoring God. Engage with like-minded individuals who can provide encouragement and accountability. Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. (1 Thessalonians 5:11, NIV)
  3. Embrace Vulnerability: Embracing vulnerability in my writing can lead to authenticity and connection with you, the reader. While it is scary to share inner thoughts, it can also be incredibly liberating and impactful. 
  4. Pray for Guidance: Before hitting that publish button, take a moment to pray for wisdom and guidance. Ask God to direct my words and thoughts so that they align with His truth.
  5. Accept Imperfection: Understand that I am on a journey of growth, and mistakes will happen. Use these moments as opportunities to learn, grow, and deepen my understanding of God’s Word.
  6. Learn from Feedback: When readers kindly point out areas of improvement or possible scriptural conflicts in my writing, approach it with humility and a willingness to learn. Feedback can be a powerful tool for growth.
  7. Rest in God’s Grace: Remember that I am not defined by my mistakes or perceived shortcomings. God’s grace is abundant and unfailing. Trust in His love and forgiveness.

Fear is a natural emotion that arises when we put ourselves out there for the world to see. As a Christian blogger, the fear of unintentionally sharing content that contradicts scripture can be especially daunting. However, with a strong foundation in God’s Word, a supportive community, and a willingness to embrace vulnerability, I hope to continue navigating this fear and sharing faith-filled messages with you.

So, let us keep walking together in this journey, holding each other accountable to Truth, and supporting one another in love. Together, we can overcome fear and fulfill our calling to be faithful messengers of God’s Word. May my words be a testament to His grace and a source of inspiration to you on your own faith journey.

Let’s journal:

  • Consider your own fears? Write them down.
  • Take note of anything in this blog that will help you overcome those fears, so you can continue to move forward in glorifying God?


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2 responses to “My Biggest Fear”

  1. Debs Avatar

    Beautiful article! Thank you for being so open and vulnerable. Your words and list for overcoming insecurity seem to also be a great reminder for starting the day. Allowing myself to be authentic and vulnerable, I think can be a statement that I trust God to protect me. Even as I type this my mind is telling me, “NO! I can not allow myself to be vulnerable everyday…to others who may judge me! What if I look foolish!” But can’t I, if I truly trust in God? Kinda scary, but also as you mentioned…liberating and impactful! A lot for me to think about.

    1. Tyra Harnishfeger Avatar

      I’m not so good at vulnerability, but I’m learning! Thank you for the positive feedback! I love how the Lord is using this little space to bring glory to His Name!

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